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HPC Holders, 1.5mm Inserts & Holders

Learn more about the new VG-Cut additions here: Groovex Supplement 2020


1.5mm Inserts and Holders for Deep Grooving & Parting Off

Features and Benefits


  • Double-sided, 1.5mm inserts for deep grooving and parting off applications
  • GM Geometry - Positive sharp cutting edge, which decreases build-up on the edge
  • Grades:
    • VMG: Very tough substrate. PVD coated, M35 for low cutting speeds
    • VPG: Excellent anti-fracture resistance
      Sub-micron substrate for a wide range of applications
      TiAlN PVD coated, P30, K20


  • Reinforced monoblock holders (PH) are available with and without high pressure coolant
  • Two high pressure coolant outlets (up to 100 Bar) are designed to directly cool insert rake and flank
  • Shanks sizes: 10mm, 12mm, & 16mm
  • T max:
    • 10 & 12mm shanks - 6.5 and 10.0mm
    • 16mm shank - 10.0mm


Monoblock Holders with Two High Pressure Coolant Outlets

Features and Benefits

  • Monoblock Holders and Reinforced Monoblock Holders with two high pressure coolant outlets, designed to cool down the insert rake and flank, and improve chip evacuation
  • High pressure coolant up to 100 bar
  • Superior chip removal and better tool life
  • Current pocket width range: 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0mm


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